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Pohutukawa Flowers

I grew up in the most western part of Germany, where fern and forest covered hills, green valleys and endless meadows seamlessly flow into Luxembourg, Belgium and Holland. 

Deep volcanic lakes and sparkly water wells created the background to my childhood.

I spent hour upon hour building little bark fairy dwellings around the roots of the large Fur trees. Mossy gardens with twig fences extended into the most magical little fairy villages. 

These early years of imaginative play and room to live in the creative realm of fantasy formed the foundation of my life today.

In my early twenties I became a teacher for children with special needs, this work taking me to different parts of the world. While working in Australia I met my husband and after the birth of our first child we moved back to his native New Zealand to work in a newly founded Waldorf School.


After the birth of our second son my passion for creating and making found a new outlet in developing toys and gifts for my children & their friends. Slowly my little creative heaven grew and both young and old found pleasure in my creations.

These little boys are young men now and have found their own place in the world. 

My husband and I are still living in Titirangi at the foothills of the bush clad Waitakere Ranges, near Auckland’s wild west coast.

Like my childhood years I find myself living in a land of volcanic activity with fern and tree clad hills,  creating a fairy world to share with you.

Titirangi, often translated from Maori as “Fringe of Heaven” is the birthplace of all the Woodlands Enchanted creations and so with great pleasure I send my little magical beings out into the world to be the gifts from the “Fringe of Heaven”.

Sunny courtyard
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