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Fleece Fairy Creations
Colourful Fleece Pixies
Fleece House Fairies
Childrens Hanging Mobile
NZ inspired Fairies


Made with 100% pure NZ wool fleece, these little fairies, angels and pixies make the perfect little gift for any occasion.


Each little being is lovingly designed and handcrafted creating a distinctly unique and adorable character. Their little faces individually hand painted to charm and enchant you.

Little fairy helpers are always welcome in today's busy life. In the extensive range of Woodlands Enchanted characters you are sure to find the most delightful presents for babies, children and adults of all ages.

Woodlands Enchanted creations come in a wide range of colours which will delight and nurture your spirit. The fairy mobiles are popular gifts for birthdays and baby showers and will create a harmonic atmosphere in your home. 


The magnificent beauty of the New Zealand environment is the inspiration for a uniquely New Zealand range of Fairies & Pixies.

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